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Staten Island has gone clown crazy

10 days ago was the first spotting of the Staten Island clown. Have you been lucky enough to see the creepy clown lurking in the shadows holding a yellow balloon?

Probably not, if the rumors are true and the whole clown thing is a viral marketing campaign for local Staten Island production company, Fuzz on the Lens. Four guys who have ties to the company have been the ones posting the images and videos of the clown, but they deny any sort of involvement.

Whether you believe the guys from Fuzz on the Lens or not, this story has captured quite a lot of attention the past few days. Many major news and media organizations, including Buzzfeed and the Daily News, have written articles on the clown and how it's haunting Staten Islanders.

The clown has been found creeping around train stations across the island, as well as Richmond Avenue, according to the pictures posted on Instagram and Facebook. If you're up for a clown hunt, good luck and be sure to have your phone or camera ready.

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