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Staten Island clown: Roaming clown freaking out residents, but is it a hoax?

A clown has been roaming around Staten Island, New York, freaking out residents in the area. According to a video report by HuffPost Live, the "creepy clown" has been popping up all over the place, waving to passengers on the street and just acting very... clown-like.

A lot of people don't care much for clowns (and clowns have appeared in many horror films as a result) so you can probably imagine just how creeped out some people are. Apparently, however, this might all be a hoax. The aforementioned "some people" are a rumored four people (who all have photographic evidence that this clown exists) but all four are all linked to "Fuzz on the Lens Productions" -- a movie production company.

So what's the deal? Could it be that people are just getting spooked thanks to a "fake" clown that isn't really out on the streets freaking people out? Is this movie production company trying to start some huge clown movement? Check out the video above and write your opinions in the comments below.

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