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Staten Island Clown prank

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A mysterious man dressed as a clown holding two balloons was photographed by both Twitter and Instagram users this past week.

Fuzz on the Lens Productions said in a press release, Friday, that they were responsible for the "creepy clown" and that it was a prank to raise awareness for their Indy film production company from the U.K.

Michael Leavy from Fuzz On The Lens Productions talked about The Staten Island Clown prank on the 'Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show' at Z100 Studio as well Friday.

"Whether you think the clown is hysterical, petrifying or anything in between we’d love to hear about it…and if you just can’t get enough of him there is more exclusive content to come on our Fuzz on the Lens Productions Facebook page," said the press release. "Last but not least we appreciate all the support from everyone, who understood that the clown was just a joke, meant to give people something to talk about other than all the negative news in the world today."