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Staten Island clown lurks about town: Sinister sight to catch in headlights

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A clown seen lurking around the streets of Staten Island is creeping people out as they go about their daily business. This Staten Island clown smiles and waves to passing motorists, many who are disturbed by its presence. Social networks are buzzing about this eerie clown who many have come across.

The Staten Island clown is often seen on the side of a road or it pops up from behind a tree with a fixated grin. Sightings of this ominous clown are posted on the social networks, as people find seeing this clown disturbing, according to the New York Daily news on March 25.

This clown is seen day and night just standing there with that fixed smile. Sometimes he is holding balloons while waving to passersby. He has also been known to pass out balloons to apprehensive folks on the street.

No one knows who he is or where he comes from and they certainly don’t understand what he is trying to do. It appears as if the Staten Island clown is not the most welcome new arrival in town.

Can you imagine traveling down a dark street and your headlights catch this clown, it is like something out of a horror movie.

Clowns, which are used in the circus and other venues to make people laugh, aren't always welcomed by folks. The fear of clowns is not rare and disliking the painted face characters is even more common.

The Staten Island clown is referred to as the “It-like-clown,” which is from one of Stephen King’s stories. As it turns out, folks are suggesting that this clown may also have something to do with the movies. Is this a prelude to a movie or TV show?

Staten Island isn’t the first neighborhood to have problems with a clown. Last year an area of northwest England was plagued with disturbing reports of the same type of clown. Reports had folks being chased by a clown in a very similar outfit worn by this latest NYC clown.

England’s clown just vanished one day, never to be heard of again. Maybe this New York clown will slowly crawl back into the woodwork after he nicely terrorizes some more New Yorkers? The clown isn't doing anything that could be misconstrued as dangerous, he's just creepy looking.