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Staten Island clown identity finally revealed

After a few days and a few theories, the Staten Island clown has finally been revealed.

Z100 posted a video earlier today that answered the question everyone has been dying to know: Who is behind this creepy clown haunting Staten Island?

As many expected, the clown was in fact a creation of Staten Island production company, Fuzz on the Lens. Two employees of the company, Michael Leavy and Steve Della Salla came onto Elvis Duran's show to unveil their identity and explain where the idea for the clown came from. According to them, it started out as a joke for their friends, but somehow it snowballed into this huge spectacle that got coverage from media outlets and was talked about by people across the country.

Surprised by this revelation? Michael and Steve said there is more to come from the Staten Island Clown, so be on the lookout.

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