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Staten Island clown: Borough-spooking clown freaking us out, have you see 'It?'

The Staten Island clown – a demonic-looking jester lurking about the borough – is causing some creeped-out reactions among city folk. Clowns should be funny. Clowns should inspire delight. This one is just plain sinister.
No clowning around. Staten Island's clown has residents creeped out.

According to Yahoo! Odd News on Monday, citizenry of the “unfairly maligned Staten Island” is being “disturbed by a clown who is taking to the streets to hand out balloons. Nobody is sure who he is, why he is doing it, or when it will stop.”

Skulking about train stations, businesses and prowling around trees in residential areas, generally under the dark of night, this clown – in full joker regalia – is causing some sleepless nights and perhaps adding to a growing phobia of those suffering from coulrophobia – a morbid dread of clowns.

Residents have taken to social media, posting pictures of the deranged clown with comments that range from humorous jousting to panicked alarm to outright ire.

Upon further look, this clown is not unlike Stephen King's inter-dimensional predatory life-form from his “It” novel. The sadistic, wisecracking clown, called "Pennywise," had red hair, a white face, arched, painted eyebrows and the tell-tale blood-colored nose and lipstick.

This clown (gulp) has the same features.

“I'm driving home from the gym and this is what I see,” wrote Robert Privitera on his Instagram post. “Guess who ain't sleeping tonight.”

The creepy clown hasn’t broken any laws, but seeing him (or her) standing under the cover of shadows, waving and holding little balloons as your car’s headlights pan over, well, that’s enough to send my heart into overdrive, and my vehicle directly into a telephone pole.

Let’s hear from you, fellow NYC residents. Have you seen this ill-omened makeup wearing menace? Leave your comments below.

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