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Statement win possible for Kentucky vs. Florida this Saturday

UK's head coach Joker Phillips could take a step in the right direction with a victory over SEC rival Florida on Saturday
UK's head coach Joker Phillips could take a step in the right direction with a victory over SEC rival Florida on Saturday
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With the Kentucky Wildcats gearing up to play the Florida Gators this Saturday in a matchup of two of the SEC’s unbeaten teams, here’s a look at what people are saying in regards to one of this week’s more interesting games:

-Saturday’s game gives the Kentucky Wildcats a chance to pull out a statement win not only for this season, but for the entire program’s history. The ‘Cats come into the matchup having lost 23 straight times to Florida—their last victory coming in 1986—second only to Kentucky’s 25-straight losses to the Tennessee Volunteers.

If Kentucky is to make any noise this season, why not start by beating SEC East rival Florida while vaulting into the Top-25 after the fourth game of the season.

The Wildcats stats thus far are very impressive, especially on offense as they are in the Top-15 nationally in rushing, points per game, total offense, and several passing categories. That doesn’t discount the fact that Florida is one of the better defensive teams in the nation, while scoring 34.3 points per game as well.

All in all, the game should be very interesting unless of course, Florida decides to rack up 30 first quarter points that makes it nearly impossible for Kentucky to overcome. Only time will tell at this point.

-Having read this next piece, I totally disagree with Eric Crawford of the Courier-Journal when he says Kentucky’s visit to the Swamp should be a carefree trip win or lose.

Programs and teams don’t build upon their success by not caring about whether they win or lose a game. That’s a defeatist mentality, but I expect nothing less from someone who writes for a paper in Louisville—the Cardinals winning ways in football have fallen by the wayside.

The trip to the Swamp is a defining one, simply because of the ramifications that could ensue. Would you rather have a 24th straight loss to Florida or be (4-0), atop the SEC East with the likes of South Carolina while making some noise on the national football scene?

I’d take that latter and rightly so.

Kentucky doesn’t find itself in this kind of position that often and to take care of business against Florida, at Florida. A victory would go a long way for not only Joker Phillips, but also the future of the Kentucky Wildcats football program. When recruits around the nation see that Phillips and his staff are serious about taking that next step and potentially beating one of the school’s biggest rivals, recruits like those kind of outcomes.

The point Joker Phillips is trying to make with 'Operation Win' is just that: win and win a lot. Phillips is trying to instill a winning mentality within Kentucky's football program and to simply put the 'Cats game against Florida aside, would go against what he's trying to teach his team.

I do agree however, in saying that with a victory, this could send Kentucky’s football program into basketball type 'hype' territory, giving fans something to talk about other than just college basketball.

So take it from me: the Kentucky/Florida game Saturday is as big a game as the Wildcats will have all season, not to mention the past 10 years.


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