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State unveils dates for appliance rebate program

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The Texas Comptroller provided dates Friday for the state’s latest appliance rebate program. The popular program offers cash back for appliance purchases that carry the ENERGY STAR® logo. The state has set aside $10 million for rebates. The program will begin on December 20th and continue until the money is gone. Rebates will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

State Comptroller Susan Combs said on Friday that the consumers who choose to take advantage of the program will win two ways. First, they’ll save money on energy and water usage over time. Second, they’ll save money on the purchase when the rebate is applied.

The following appliances are eligible for rebates:

  • Air-Source Heat Pumps - $1,000
  • Central Air Conditioners - $1,000
  • Clothes Washers* - $100
  • Dishwashers - $85
  • Freezers** - $100
  • Refrigerators** - $175
  • Room Air Conditioners - $40
  • Water Heaters - $300

Clothes wasters must have a modified energy factor of 2.0 or greater and water factor 6.0 or less in order to qualify for the rebates. Refrigerators and freezers must be at least 14.5 cubic feet in size or greater to qualify.

This is the state’s second appliance rebate program April, 2010. The first program was a public relations disaster, as the state hired an out of state telemarketing firm to provide online rebate reservations. The firm’s website and phone system were unable to keep up with demand, leaving many consumers frustrated. The state hopes that changes in program administration will prevent a repeat of those problems.

For more information:

Official rebate web site


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