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State Senator thinks atheist billboard is evil?

New York State Senator (Republican) Andrew Lanza of Staten island really doesn't like atheists. But that's fine, we atheists really don't like theocratic politicians. In fact, he believes an atheist billboard put up by the group, American Atheists, can led to a new holocaust. Yes, he does.

What did this horrific billboard in Times Square, New York City, say? Well, "Nobody needs the Christ in Christmas, Celebrate the True Meaning of the Season!" These words are part of the "evil baby steps of ridicule and hatred of religion" which led to the Holocaust he mentioned.

Actually the Holocaust was the result of 2000 years of hating, persecuting and oppressing Jews under the Christian religion. But hey, what's historical accuracy when you can attack atheists?

In fact, he stated that this "hate speech" should not be tolerated and that all merchants and politicians in that area need to condemn this billboard or there will suffer a boycott.

If you asked Sen. Lanza his opinion of the boycott of A&E for the anti-gay rants of Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, he would probably talk about freedom of religion, with no hint of irony or hypocrisy.

In fact Lanza had stated, "while it does not surprise me that people who do not believe in god are hateful and malicious." Wow, strong words from the state senator. Look, I get it that he wants more religion/government intermingling. He wants a more religious nation. He wants us to follow the codes of the bible.

He voted against marriage equality in the state of New York a couple of years ago, and it is hard to believe that his religious beliefs did not impact such a vote. That is fine, he can vote however he wants and the fine people of Staten Island can vote him out.

If you want to support fine billboards such as the one in Times Square (and one put up in Lanza's own Staten Island district to see if he would support a boycott in Staten Island also) you can become a member of American Atheists. Thanks!