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State of the union would be worse with the right

President Obama makes his case
President Obama makes his case
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I voted for Barack Obama twice and although there have been mistakes made as there always is during any administration, the economy is coming back quicker than it had during the Great Depression. That shouldn't necessarily be the metric we measure every economic rebound, but the Great Recession was the worst economic "downturn" since that dreadful time beginning in 1929. Witness the Republican response after Obama's. Congresswoman Cathy Rodgers (R Washington) spews out some religious rhetoric, and some teary-eyed story of how they kept their child who has down syndrome as though that made her someone special.She puts down Obama's ideas to help spur economic growth, but she never gives any specifics. If you won't help with government funds, how are you going to entice the private sector to hire people: tax breaks? George W. Bush spent eight years doing that, and he had anemic job growth.

Congresswoman Rodgers brings up her child time and again as though only Republicans can help the disabled. Without help of some sort, families with disabled children obviously would be better off with the Democrats in office.Rodgers also did what all right-wingers do when trying to win an audience, invoke God's name over and over again. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but most people know when they're being conned with the tired old "holier than thou" spiel. Rodgers said absolutely nothing about real policy ideas. References to god do not a policy make.

The only chance the Republican right-wingers have is that Americans get fed up with the economy and vote in the opposition. The bottom line is, our economy has changed over the recent decade or two. Global competition has made our domination of markets a thing of the past. One post speech interview had Senator Ted Cruz, a hero of the Tea Party crowd who blocked every possibility of compromise. But our economy is growing, and yes-it's slow going. The housing market is picking up, but I can't believe it could have gone any faster: check out the foreclosure rate of the past six years, and do you really think that can change in a few years? The middle class has been damaged since the late 1970's, and it will take time to recreate the climate to allow such growth we saw for that demographic since our post World War II era. Giving huge tax breaks to the rich as a fuse to light great economic growth is a myth.Tax breaks can help in the right situations, but as a template for all growth is a farce, and it's a con.

The right-wing has had their chance at developing a sustained economy, and with two terms of George W. Bush, we saw where constant tax breaks and loose regulation got us: just this side of the Great Depression.Listen to the right, and yo'll once again, see how wrong they always are. Tax breaks for the rich, and not much regulation for big industry. It's the same recipe over and over again, and we always get the same result: isn't that the definition of insanity?