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State of the Union-Prepare to be Taken Over

In Mr. Obama's State of the Union address, he made sure to state that he will use executive order, "whenever necessary." How scary is that? His "year of action" includes him now using executive orders more.

He has ignored the Constitution already. This is why we have the current situation we have regarding Obamacare. Not only is it alone not Constitutional, but he has no power to adjust dates of enforcement on a whim, without legislation. There's also the IRS scandal. When is that going to be address Constitutionally? Oh, that's right, it's targeting his enemies, so it won't be addressed.

He has forced us to give money to failing "green" companies.

How much danger are we now going to be in, if he is going to pass what he wants more often? Our Constitution is CLEARLY not a concern of his, so what kind of problems will we now have? It is a scary thought.

Hopefully, he will not be using it to promote "climate change" limits. He did state, the debate is over. However, he missed that it ended with it not being legitimate, at least in the form of what he is referring to, global warming. That is simply being promoted to increase control and government intrusion, not save the planet. Global warming isn't real, and the science proves it.

Obama's whole time in office has been a trampling of the Constitution. His threat to use executive orders more is something to be concerned about. We just have to trust in God's providence for us. That is all that we can be sure of.

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