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State of the Union messages meaningless, voters say

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama
Wikimedia Commons

While most American voters plan to watch President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, most also believe such speeches don't amount to much, according to a poll released Tuesday by Rasmussen Reports.

About 72 percent of prospective voters plan to watch Obama's address, according to the survey, but 62 percent say the speech is mostly for show, while only 28 percent believe the speech sets the agenda for work in Washington, D.C.

Sixty-nine percent expect whatever promises are made will go unfulfilled.

"A year ago, the president put his emphasis on stricter gun control and immigration reform with a focus on putting those here illegally on the path to citizenship," Rasmussen noted. "He failed to get significant legislation on either topic through Congress."

Advance reports suggest Obama's speech will focus more than before on income inequality. Whatever the merits of Obama's dedication to the issue, Rasmussen reported that only 14 percent of those polled said they believe it should be the nation's highest priority.

Another hot-button issue with politicians - immigration - largely fails to register with voters as a major problem, with only four percent being concerned enough about immigration policy to name is the nation's top issue.

While healthcare is a top issue among pundits and arguing politicians, only 10 percent of prospective voters believe it should be the top issue Obama addresses.

Rasmussen said it surveyed 1,000 prospective voters for the poll. It it estimates its margin of error to be plus or minus three percentage points.

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