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State of the Union, from a conservative point of view.

With a solid year under his belt I feel it's a fair time to go ahead and grade our beloved Chairman Obama.

Our Beloved Chairman Obama

I've taken key issues that Obama campaigned on himself; transparency, security, health care, enviornment and stimulus.

Transparency or lack thereof has been all but laughable in 2009. No less than 8 times id President Obama declare that the health care negotiations be broadcast on C-Span. Not one meeting, session or debate aside from the bill passage has been on TV.

Security has been far less a concern to President Obama as his image and concern for America's image has been. We have suffered two verified terrorist attacks since his administration due primarily to the absolute breakdown in the system. His continued PR campaign and political correctness will eventually lead to innocent American casualties.

The health care farse was the biggest attempt to redistribute wealth in history. Changing the entire health care system to accomodate 12% of the population was finally seen in true light when vote after vote was purchased in back room deals with Senators and Unions. With the Massachussettes referendum vote this month, America is finally being heard, loud and clear.

Almost as shameful as the health care sham is the faux enviornmental emergency. With research as flimsy as the study of alien anal probing, email by email shot down the chicken little type research going on around the globe. Just today the scientist at the heart of the email scandal reported his numbers were misguided in the hopes of changing political support. I dare not mention the hundreds of private jets and cars used to attend the summit, I will leave that to the late night comedians.

Lastly and most concerningly is the stimulus spending. Shakey accounting and even shakier reporting have led to the biggest heist of American dollars in history. Not only did the Fed say it was none of our business who got money, but they themselves made a hefty profit this year and still are being protected from audit.

This stimulus was supposed to save or create jobs and our net gain has been abysmal. Credit has never been tighter and foreclosures still abound.

If I were to grade the President on his performance to date, he would receive an F. He would also be placed into a remedial school for at risk students. This one time Constitutional law professor needs to take a step back and rethink his policies.


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