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State of the Union: Focus on job creation

Job creation and the economy were the overwhelming focus of President Obama's first State of the Union speech. As it should have been. With national unemployment hovering around 10% and Illinois unemployment ending 2009 at 11.% (second worst in Midwest), job creation and fixing the economy should be the primary focus of Washington. Overall, I liked what Obama had to say, but I'm scared to say that most of what he said, has already been said before. We just need to see some action and real results. Obama stated he wants a jobs bill on his desk "without delay." I'm sorry to say but in Washington speak, that could mean months. With one in ten Americans out of work, we don't have time for games and politicial nonsense. Below are a few ideas of what Obama proposed.

  • New Jobs Bill #1 priority in 2010
  • Use $30B of money Wall Street banks repaid to be used toward community banks and business investment
  • Continued focus on clean energy and making America the mecca of clean energy development and jobs
  • Continued focus on investing in America's infrastructure, building a stronger America for tomorrow. Included in this is building high-speed rail, which $8B has already been proposed for right here in Illinois

 If you have any questions about the ideas proposed and would like to interact with the White House and Obama's staff, visit the live White House chat below


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