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State of the Union 2014

The 2014 State of the Union Address arrived tonight with Great Expectations to say the least. Social media and major news stations flooded with suggestions from the public of what Americans anticipated the President would discuss. Many expressed concerns regarding the new healthcare law, jobs, and an appeal for Congress to work together across party lines. A wildcard was added by a few to the list of grave concerns-the legality of marijuana.

The President did discuss almost all of the above with emphasis on factors that affect employment and the economy. This included encouragement to work hard, get proper job training, and invest in America’s Future. President Obama even gave a shout out to Speaker Boehner who smiled and approved with a thumbs up. Catch the full speech on, especially for a great moment to revisit - the standing ovation for veteran and an American hero, Cory.

Other notable mentions:

· Policies to create jobs and increase tax credits to reward hard work. “Get those [Jobs] Bills to my desk.”

· “Equal Pay for Equal Work…when women succeed, America succeeds!”

· “Research shows one of the best investments we can make is to provide children with high quality early education.”

What are your thoughts?

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