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State of the CIP

City of San Diego
City of San Diego
Reviewing last year's capital imrpovements in San Diego was part of the city council's daily budget work this week.

The city budget committee, at its Tuesday budget meeting, did its annual review on the state of the CIP in San DIego for the first six months in fiscal year 2013-14. Out of 108 million dollars spent on capital improvement projects, around 70 percent the money paid for work on the city's water system and wastewater system, 50 percent the total spending, and the city's transportation system. The systems are at the heart of the city's development work during the recovery period.

The update report produced by the CIP Review and ADvisory Committee, that covers the contracting and construction work done for July through December adds city information to the public discussion on budget spending investments in the city's developing capital. Updates were made annual city work when the city passed its CIP Transparency Policy in April, 2012. Councilmembers, and the mayor's office, use the reports to make decisons on the budget cycle for the upcoming fiscal year easier.

During the six months the city's new central library project was finished downtown, over 120 projects were under works or scheduled. Small and local business enterprises got the guaranteed work in 31 percent of the contracts.

Mayor Faulconer's plan to improve the city nieghborhood streets lengthens the work done on the transportation system. Workers paved, or slurry sealed, on ehundred miles of streets in San DIego during the six months in the city's capital improvement work.

Feedback to the city's committee from the communities, and city councilmembers, gave a new public standing to the capital work in the city.

The CIty of San Diego continues to work on a multi-year plan for capital improvement projects. Its first that will cover multiple fiscal years. Community strategic plans are being used to identify, and prioritize, capital improvement project spending needs.

The city will centralize project budgeting and planning. Citizens can currently find CIP project schedules at the city's CIP website. CGI Group, INc., the city's information technology support company, stays at work on building a central data warehouse the city will fill with CIP project budgets and schedules.

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