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State of the art boat ramp dedicated at Port Canaveral

What once was the original cruise terminal at Port Canaveral was dedicated today as a new state of the art boat ramp. Property that old timers remember as Cruise Terminal 4 now contains an 8-lane boat ramp designed specifically to serve the Canaveral fishing and boating community.

The new East Boat Ramp is open for business.
The new East Boat Ramp is open for business.
Ron Presley
A large crowd gathered a the Port Canaveral Boat Ramp dedication.
Ron Presley

The new boat ramp facility is larger than the Freddie Patrick Park boat ramps that were removed to become part of the, now under construction, Cruise Terminal 1 in the Cove.

A large crowd was on hand to observe the dedication, indicating the public interest in the project.

Tom Weinberg, Chairman Canaveral Port Authority, expressed his pleasure at having the dedication of the new ramps. “This is a great opportunity to showcase a year’s worth of work. We have put in 8 slips, 2 pavilions, fish-cleaning tables, restrooms, boat rinse station, paved parking and a grass overflow parking lot.

We think this is one of the finest if not the finest boat ramps in Florida today.”

Weinberg described the facility as a multimillion-dollar project that will welcome sport fisherman to the Canaveral community. “Fishermen spend a lot of money on cars, boats, tackle, restaurants and more. We think this facility is good for the economy here in Brevard County.”

He went on to explain one of the biggest benefits to anglers. “This ramp is closer to the mouth of the port and the putt time coming down the port is greatly reduced for the anglers. It will benefit our fishermen coming in and out of the port with shorter transit times to their fishing grounds.”

The project was not an easy sell from the start. “When we first started working with the fishing community there was a lot of anxieties. They worried that we would really have it ready in time. We made a commitment that we would be on time and continued to work with the fishermen. They wanted access to fishing equipment near the ramp. That last minute kind of stuff that you forgot or you didn’t pickup but you are going to need. So we have that facility right here on site.”

The Port Canaveral East Boat Ramp is a mere 675 yards from the Atlantic Ocean, making it the most ocean accessible ramp for at least 100 miles to the north or south.

The project was a massive undertaking. Literature passed out at the dedication indicated that about 16,000 tons of dirt was moved to create the boat ramp. That is equivalent to 1,143 14-ton school buses or 86.5 jumbo jets.

Amazingly, The Port Canaveral East Boat Ramp was completed in an unprecedented 28 weeks. The result is a facility that will serve the fishing community for years to come.

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