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State of the administration speech

Obama telling nation "its my way or the highway" during SOTU speech
Obama telling nation "its my way or the highway" during SOTU speech
Photo by Larry Downing-Pool/Getty Images

Last night Obama actually performed one of his constitutional duties. As outlined in Article II, sections 3, give Congress” information on the state of the union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and proper”. His administration and speech writers not wanting to let an opportunity go to waste labeled this “a year of action”. As opposed to 2013 which was a year of failure. (Transcript )

By the numbers, 27 million viewers watched at least part of his reading of the 7,000 word speech. A much smaller portion of Americans believed a word of it. In comparison 53 million watched Bill Clinton lie in his “I did not have sex with that woman” speech. The majority of the 27 million watched to see what policies would change to help the country but Obama kept to his favorite topic, himself. He used I, me and my 83 times last night. It is a subject he returns to in every reading he gives.

He started the State of the Union reading a few letters of praise from uninformed voters that still support him and then turned to highlight the progress his administration has accomplished in the most favorable light. He spoke of the lowest unemployment since he took office, but didn’t mention the lowest percent of people actually working. He brought up manufacturing adding jobs without reveling what happened to the half a million manufacturing jobs that disappeared since he took office. He talked about all the oil we are producing in spite of his restrictions. Not surprising he took credit for reducing the deficit in half ever since his two stimulus packages ran out of money to shovel to supporters.

At this point he got to his meme, the latest from the progressive front, a socialist rally cry “income inequity”. Obama’s speech writers were careful to use the nom de plum “ladders of opportunity” since income inequity did not poll well. He heaped praise on Michelle, who between vacations and Joe Biden between gaffs worked on this issue. Evidently without success since then Obama laid out his plans.

What is his solution income inequity, low paying jobs and underemployment? For the corporations trying to escape the highest taxes in the industrialized world by moving overseas, (taxes) more taxes by eliminating write offs for investments by calling them loopholes. After taking credit for increases in oil production he is proposing higher taxes on the same industry that is adding jobs rather than shedding. He doesn’t offer any solutions for the workers in the coal industry soon to need unemployment as a result of his EPA. We voters are left with certainty that the debate over global warming is over just not the spending.

To insure citizens left without jobs from his actions don’t fall behind, Obama wants to increase unemployment insurance. To expand opportunities for the teachers union so they can collect dues for Democrat donations thru universal preschool. Obama is also allowing PHD’s working at McDonalds the chance to pay their student loans based on their part time salary.

Obama proposed a concrete solution to the misleading claim that woman make 33% less than men (real gap) by proposing an increase to $10.10 an hour for the third tier subcontractor that cleans the toilets at Camp David. Since the cost for this will not be one dime out of his wallet Obama would like to see everyone paid at least $10.10. Obama’s solution to the upcoming collapse of Social Security is Obamabonds or as he calls it MyRA. His RA would be voluntary at least at first and guarantee income in later years just like the Social Security lockbox.

In a pat on his own back, Obama careful not to call it Obamacare praised the ACA for insuring 9 million Americans, 6.3 million for free Medicare, the other three million for just selecting a plan but not paying for it yet.

On the foreign policy front Obama thanked the troops for freeing Afghanistan cities that are now back under Taliban control. We will have to take his word for it that Iran cannot develop nuclear weapons since the agreement is in a super secret location under a cone of silence.( Iran deal)

All in all for a president once hailed as a great orator it was a tepid response to his failure over the state of the union in 2013. For a president we are told is the smartest man in the room his misunderstanding of “negotiate” is glaring in his statements that he will bypass constitutional checks and balances with his pen and phone. Executive orders are not the same as reaching across the aisle or negotiation. We can all see from his speech he finds it necessary and proper to continue with the same failed plans that got us here in the first place. The only hope for change will come from the voters in 2016.

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