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State of Obama's mendacity

Paul Taylor

President Barack Obama is now in his second term as leader of the “free world” – the most powerful man on the planet. Mr. Obama has clearly demonstrated political instincts that have bent every lever of government toward record central government spending and control as a liberal-progressive, pop-cultural icon. Typical of politicians, he made a lot of promises along the way.

He promised to “transform America.” He promised to lift up the middle class. He promised to fix the economy with government programs. He promised to heal American racial and political divides. He promised to rein in corporate greed and global warming. He promised to fix health care and immigration. He promised to keep Americans safe from Islamist terror attacks.

Sadly, Obama’s most mendacious (false) promise was to make his administration “the most transparent administration in history.” His administration has been more a petulant and highly-partisan propaganda campaign than a trustworthy executive branch of U.S. government. President Obama is famous – if not infamous – for rhetorical illusion, but not real results. He and his insurgent progressives have finally broken trust with the American people, and even some of his fawning liberal media.

Every issue that might reflect badly upon Obama’s regime finds him pleading bewildered ignorance – Benghazi slaughters, NSA surveillance, IRS partisanship, Mexican gun running, Justice Department biases, and lately, the Obama Care launch and lies. Obama is the illusive “Houdini” political escape artist; surviving on plausible deniability of involvement while posing with empty “take responsibility” rhetoric.

Pres. Obama was elected and re-elected on a web of falsehoods, media enablers and vacuous denials such as:
• He didn’t want you to know that racist radicals Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers started his political career;
• He didn’t want you to know that he lived with his deportable uncle at Harvard;
• He didn’t know that the Benghazi Embassy slaughters were a terrorist attack;
• He didn’t know that he created our record deficit spending problem;
• He didn’t know that his NSA was spying on you;
• He didn’t know that his Justice Dept. was investigating conservative journalists;
• He didn’t know that his Justice Dept. was running guns to Mexican drug cartels;
• He didn’t know that his IRS was discriminating against conservative non-profit applicants;
• He didn’t know that his Dept. of HHS Obama Care website wouldn’t work;
• He didn’t know that you would lose your health insurance, doctors and pricing under his Obama Care.

The utopians that populate the Obama Administration have peddled a dunghill of theories for big government good intentions, but leave us with the chaos of unintended consequences. If the lazy liberal-biased and closeted-racist media had fully aired the above-listed Obama mendacities and denials, Obama never would have (nor should have) been elected or re-elected.

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