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State of New Mexico impedes wild horse solution

The quiet town of Placitas, located about 20 minutes north of Albuquerque, is known for its serenity and natural beauty. It has also been known as a haven for hippies in the 1970's and more recently, for wild horses that roam free. But that is changing, in large part, because of the failure of all sides to reach an acceptable solution in controlling the breeding and resulting over-grazing to an arid landscape that cannot naturally support free roaming horses.

Wild horse in Placitas, New Mexico
Karin Leperi

According to the Placitas Animal Rescue program, they are fully licensed in the State of New Mexico to use PZP - a contraceptive drug that would prevent overbreeding. However, the organization says, "It means nothing since we are being blocked from using it. Until our Chief Law Enforcement Officer for the State of New Mexico, Attorney General Gary King sends us a letter stating that there is no law blocking its use, our Wild Horses will continue to produce lots of foals this year and next." The Animal Rescue program adds, "PZP only costs $25 per dose and takes two doses the first year and one dose each year after. It starts working immediately with a 95% effective rate."

Meanwhile, a long-term solution to the wild horse problem of Placitas continues to be evasive.

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