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State of Hawaii celebrates the return of St. Damien's relic

After the recent canonization of Father Damien, now Saint Damien, part of his relics return to Honolulu this weekend. 

On Sunday, the relic of St. Damien's heel bone will be present at mass in the same cathedral that ordained him Father Damien back in 1864. 

Catholics in Honolulu are happy to see this relic housed on Oahu, in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, to help keep them connected with his humanitarian efforts of so many years ago in Kalaupapa. 

Already associated with healing miracles, St. Damien is much loved and remembered fondly by the people of Hawaii.  There are talks and hula scheduled to receive the relic of a man who was revered by the people of Hawai'i for his unselfish human service -- even before he was made a saint.