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State of Florida creates more jobs in July 2014

The State of Florida created 2,100 private-sector jobs during the month of July 2014. And since December 2010, Florida’s private-sector companies have created an additional 620,000 jobs meaning more opportunities for Florida families. The Florida unemployment rate for the month of July is 6.2 percent down by 1.1 percent from the July 2013 rate of 7.3 percent, according to a March 15 statement from the Office of Governor Rick Scott.

Governor Rick Scott was quoted in the statement as saying, “Florida’s private-sector created more than 2,000 jobs for Florida families in July, bringing total private-sector creation since December 2010 to 620,300. Every new job positively impacts a family, and today’s announcement is more great news for Florida families looking to live the American Dream in the Sunshine State. Florida continues to see positive job growth highlighting our economic recovery, so let’s keep working to make sure every Floridian who wants a job can get one,” said Governor Rick Scott.

"This is very good news for everyone in Florida, including me. I work as a waitress in Miami and I need customers who will come to my restaurant and spend money. I have seen an increase in the number of people who have money to spend and I hope this trend continues," said Melinda Stanton.

"I am really glad to see that more jobs are opening up in Florida. I need more customers and if more people are working I will get those customers. When people come into my shop, they say they are getting more job opportunities. They are happy and so am I," said Renee Schmidt, who works as a hairdresser.

"It is always good news when more jobs are opening up. When there are more jobs, there are more opportunities for people like me. I operate a restaurant in Miami and I always need more customers. I am a people person as well as a business person. I am happy when other people are happy and maybe that is why I am good at running a restaurant," said Bruce Hogan.

More and more people are finding jobs in South Florida. And that is good for everyone.

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