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State of emergency is declared in Ferguson MO

Governor Jay Nixon declares a State of Emergency, and curfew in Ferguson after a peaceful demonstration gave way to looters.

Looters broke the peaceful demonstration taking place
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

“The announcement comes after community activists had taken to the streets and social media Saturday in hopes of preventing another night of looting and violence in Ferguson after at least three businesses fell victim to a predawn rampage by young men who targeted local stores as others tried desperately to stop them.

“This is crazy," said an older man watching the worst of the looting. “Why?” he said to two young men passing him with boxes of liquor. “Why?”” (

St. Louis is a city divided. There are people who speak poorly of the police. They blame the actions of the police for the looting and riots. However, the Missouri Highway Patrol was sent in to replace the Ferguson and St. Louis County police departments. The Missouri Highway Patrol’s goal was to react with kindness and community interaction. The peace lasted one day.

No one in the greater St. Louis area agrees with deadly force. The death of Michael Brown is a sad event. However, many support the local police, and are thankful for their protection. Last night during the peaceful protest in Ferguson, a group of rioters broke into the local convenience store where Michael Brown was allegedly stealing cigars.

“During the night, buildings burned, windows shattered, and chaos ensued as protesters stood in the street criticizing police. Officers threatened to arrest protesters who came near their trucks. Yet authorities did not attempt to stop any looting as citizens moved to protect local businesses from sporadic thefts.” (KSDK)

The people of Ferguson attempted to protect local stores and stop the looting. They did not prevail. Because of this, Governor Jan Nixon has announced state of emergency and curfew in Ferguson.

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