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State News writer willfully distorts truth

Refurbished screen capture of Thieleman's column.
Refurbished screen capture of Thieleman's column.
State News

I guess it's a good thing that Mr. Thieleman is indifferent to torture, because getting through his most recent column was just that. It was so bloated with generic political invective I could have sworn that it was pieced together from crumpled up pieces of paper from Glenn Beck's wastebasket.

For the record, Obama has:

Stopped the Great Recession from becoming and Apocalyptic Depression.

Saved the auto industry, which is now making green cars and turning a profit.

Reversed the federal ban on stem cell research.

Invested in green energy jobs and ordered new government buildings to be zero emission.

Reformed and expanded federal student aide, saving families $9 Billion.

Funded American cities that struggle with gang violence to fight against it..

Ended federal prosecution of Medical Marijuana users.

Preserved two million acres of wilderness that were threatened by loggers, miners and polluters.

Passed a stimulus bill that helped build and restore highways and railroads, which has been especially needed here in Michigan.

Cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses. 

Moved health care further along than any President.

Saved Americans from pirates near Somalia.

Called for an end to "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell",  a heinously bigoted policy of discrimination.

Engaged the world in a more thoughtful and effective diplomacy.

Made his administration the most accessible and open in history.

And, he talks to Americans like they are intelligent adults. But even that can fall on deaf ears and numb skulls.

I cannot be sure what Mr. Thieleman and the right-wing ignorentisa have against making sure for-profit insurance is also for-people insurance. The President wants to keep insurance companies from denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions and make sure that access to health care is affordable for all. But, Mr. Thieleman’s ilk doesn’t mind that in the world’s richest country, people have to make the choice between food and medicine or staying alive and going into bankruptcy. That doesn’t happen in France, Germany, Sweden, or the U.K.

Mr. Thieleman would probably say that those countries are socialist. What does he imagine the quality of life is for people in those nations? They aren’t eating gruel or drinking from puddles. The truth is, their citizens experience a quality of life that matches or exceeds that of those in the United States. Drawing examples from what other nations do right isn't unpatriotic, it's something a President does when he loves his country and wants to see it prosper. I for one do not doubt our current Commander-In-Chief in this regard.

“Change” and “Hope” continue. Obama’s approval ratings are a virtual mirror to what Reagan endured politically early in his Presidency. The difference is, this President is charismatic and in addition, posesses a remarkable intellect.

President Obama has tried to work with a radical political minority that has been fueled by an angry and misinformed mob that feels marginalized by having an educated, intelligent, and black President. This group is most represented by people who show up to Presidential events with assault rifles and misspell “Socialism” and “Fascism” on their protest signs.

Despite this, he is the only President to go live on television and take questions from hostile and partisan adversaries in an effort to get something done. Obama will work with people who are willing to work with him, and finally he is calling out people like Mr. Thieleman for engaging in willful distortion and intentional disinformation. I suppose I shouldn’t accuse him of malice; Mr. Thieleman may simply be among those who aren’t educated or intelligent enough to know the difference. In which case, he has my pity.

As for “saving our own," Mr. Theileman doesn't even want the poor in this country to have access to health insurance, nor affordable education, nor a helping hand when they lose their job. The assertion that he wants to take care of people at all is absurd.

We can save the people facing impending doom in Haiti and the people struggling to keep their homes and get ahead in the U.S. Each ambition has a different objective and each mission uses different sets of resources. It's like saying that you can't mow your lawn and also donate to Goodwill.

Recovery at home would go along much faster if Mr. Theilman’s friends in congress didn't insist that The President needs 60 votes to sneeze and that 41 Senate votes justifies the total derailment of legislation directed toward economic recovery and improving people’s quality of life.

Unfortunately, Mr. Thieleman's and his right wing allies insist that short-term political gains are more important than moving the nation forward.
This is a response to an Opinion written by Eric Thieleman in the State News on February 1, 2010.


  • Nancy Zielinski, Grand Rapids Public Health Examin 5 years ago

    Well said!

  • Profile picture of Evan Geiger
    Evan Geiger 4 years ago

    I don't know if you can count: "has moved along", "called for an end to", "ended federal prosecution of marijuana users", "funded cities to end gang violence" or any other of your examples as "FOR THE RECORD". Can you really consider the first two to be anything of action.? I mean, i'm moving right along with the rest of the unemployed people in the country, not just our great state. And i call for an end to congresses passing retarded legislation all year that makes zero impact on anybody's daily lives, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. As for the second two examples, that's just blatantly stupid of you to take those as facts. I didn't even make it past your list. I respect your right to state your opinion, but it's pretty weak.

  • Profile picture of Evan Geiger
    Evan Geiger 4 years ago

    ok, i was curious, so i finished. Great comparison between Obama and Reagan! As for Obama having hostile press conferences, let's take a poll of how many press conferences we see him smiling and laughing at. Maybe he's just a smug a$$hole. At least Bush had the balls to flip the press off and publicly declare which ones were a$$holes. I'm dominating you right now. You gotta admit it.

  • Profile picture of Evan Geiger
    Evan Geiger 4 years ago

    Everybody! Obama saved Americans from Somalian Pirates! HURRAY!!!

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