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State GOP to victim of child abuse—Your safety is not our concern

The following statement was submitted by a victim of child abuse in support of HB302S01 because it allows her to retain her right to vote while maintaining her personal safety and security.

This young woman’s life was turned upside down when, after doing everything possible to keep her personal information private, the state sold her voter record, along with those of 1.5 million other Utahns, to an individual who legally posted the entire list to the internet. This allows her abuser to locate her.

She was never told when she registered to vote that her personal information would be sold by the state and that her safety and security would be put at risk.

And the person who purchased the list from the state of Utah and legally posted it to the internet was never informed that the state was selling the information of people who were at serious risk of harm.

HB302S01 is now awaiting action in the Senate where the Republican Party is working to either kill it or gut it. The Party supports SB36S03 that requires this abuse victim to give up her rights to privacy, safety and security in order to be able to exercise her constitutional right to vote.

February 11, 2014

I have been a registered voter since 18, and I never considered that participating in the democratic process might threaten my privacy as it has.

In addition to my address, phone number, and voting record, my birth date is also available online within 2 clicks. While I use social media, I frequently check to insure that my address and my birthdate remain private because that is just a little control I have over my own safety and security.

After spending much of my childhood testifying as a victim in an arduous child abuse trial in Utah, the accused was finally convicted and spent many years in prison. However, this person has been released multiple times, during which he repeatedly pursued other victims and broke his parole.

- snip -

I do not want this person to find me, and I also don’t want this person to find his other victims (now in the hundreds—after 40 years of pedophilia), who were either threatened or ostracized from their communities when they tried to seek justice after being assaulted or raped.

Please take my information down. The state should not be paid for my information.

I was never informed that being a voter would have such dire consequences. Like any other voter, representation is important, but safety is always first. Don’t encourage other victims to avoid registering to vote because of the online voter list.

Thank you for considering my plea.

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