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State Department $6 billion missing: 'Creates conditions conducive to fraud'

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When the State Department misplaces $6 billion dollars the finger needs to point to someone in charge. This time the government's bent and tired finger is pointing to Hillary Clinton, as the $6 billion went missing or was misplaced under her tenure, according to The Free Beacon on April 4.

The State Department’s carelessness of improper filing of these contracts is to blame for the missing $6 billion. The Inspector General report addressed the $6 billion in “unaccounted funds” that was lost over the past six years stating:

“A significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions.”

The Inspector General report cited the State Department contracts as being “incomplete or could not be located at all.” This report, which was sent out as an “alert” also states:

“The failure to maintain contract files adequately creates significant financial risk and demonstrates a lack of internal control over the Department’s contract actions.”

This “creates conditions conducive to fraud, as corrupt individuals may attempt to conceal evidence of illicit behavior by omitting key documents from the contract files.”

This is some serious language and it does appear that the State Department‘s failure to properly file the paperwork is where most of the losses are coming from, the report claimed.

Examples given by the Inspector General report:

*The officials supplying the contracts were unable to provide 33 of the contract files out of the 115 related to the U.S. war in Iraq. Then out of the 82 files they were able to produce, 48 of them were missing documentation required by internal regulations.Those incomplete 48 files came with a combined price tag of $2.1 billion.

*Eight contracts worth $34.8 million from the department’s Bureau of African Affairs didn’t have complete contract administration files. The administrators were unable to provide the complete contracts for this review.

*Another case showed that a contract failed to contain documentation “reflecting that modifications and task orders were awarded to the company owned by the spouse of a contractor employee performing as a Contract Specialist for the contract.” Does this constitute nepotism?

The State Department will now make sure that contracts are completed properly. This is how the story ends for now. It sounds as if these contracts are in such a mess that finding where all this “misplaced” money went to might be next to impossible.