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State colleges used to be free, and now students have to pay $7,000, $8,000 or

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"State colleges used to be free, and now students have to pay $7,000, $8,000 or $9,000 to go to an institution and come out with huge debt," Phillips said. "This was very concerning to us because we think it would hurt diversity and price a lot of students out of the campus."

"Annual tuition at Cal State's 23 campuses — $5,472 — is set by the Board of Trustees and has not risen in three years; room, board, transportation and other expenses can increase the total cost of attendance to more than $25,000 annually at such campuses as San Diego State University."

How can students take a full schedule of classes, work to pay for them, and have time for studies?

How can students graduate with a bachelors in four years?

"Tuition and fees have increased dramatically since 2006 — 91% at Cal State and 74% at UC, the report found."

How many students are unable to attend college or are unable to complete it because of the costs?

These are public colleges and just like the K-12 public schools, California is not supporting them in a way that they should be supported.