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State colleges and universities raise tuition by 9 percent



Colorado’s state university system responded quickly to its newly granted autonomy in setting tuition.  On June 9, Governor Ritter signed into law SB 3, which allows governing boards of the states colleges and universities to determine annual tuition increases that do not exceed 9 percent.  And that is just what the state system did.

As reported by Indenvertimes, Adams State College, the Colorado School of Mines, the Community College System, Fort Lewis College, Mesa State College, Metropolitan State College, the University of Northern Colorado and Western State College announced 9% tuition increases for the 2010-11 academic year.

In the University of Colorado system, students will see a 9 percent tuition increase at the Boulder and Denver campuses and 7.2 percent in Colorado Springs. The Colorado State University Board of Governors won’t vote until later this month on tuition rates for the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses.

Democratic governor Bill Ritter expressed ambivalence in signing SB3 into law. “An affordable, accessible and high-quality system of public higher education is critical to creating opportunities and preparing Colorado students to enter the workforce ready for success”, Gov. Ritter said while authorizing institutions to make higher education less affordable and less accessible.

“Senate Bill 3 is not a permanent fix. It does, however, provide short-term relief while we develop a strategic roadmap for long-term sustainability, and central to this new law is the principle that a public higher education in Colorado remains affordable and accessible to all.”

With less than 6 months remaining in his term, the lame duck governor will need to make the development of this strategic roadmap a high priority.


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