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State Attorney Angela Corey:Why would you do that?

Why would you do that? Why would someone from the good offices of State Attorney Angela Corey send an email to members of the Duval County Legislative Delegation that gives details of a case set to go before a jury? This case just happens to be one of the most highly publicized non-murder cases in the country.

Why would the State Attorney's Office send an email to state lawmakers concerning a case that is set for trial?
Florida Times Union

Why would a seasoned prosecutor facing high-end criticism for her prosecution (or lack thereof) of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin trial; followed up by a failure to gain a murder conviction in the Jordan Davis/ Michael Dunn convenience store shooting, send out emails to lawmakers knowing that it would all be made public, possibly tainting a jury, and adding more poison to the well of public opinion?

Attorney Corey is the self same elected official who now refuses to grant interviews to the press and only responds via email or controlled public appearances. Why would this elected official send such a letter to other elected officials concerning a matter in which she, Corey, has direct control?

It can be argued that State Attorney Corey is seeking to influence pending state legislation that would modify the “Stand Your Ground” law and allow a warning shot to be fired with criminal prosecution. Such is the case in the pending retrial of Marissa Alexander. Incorrect judicial instructions and over charging from Corey’s office have sent this case back to Jacksonville for a retrial set for this summer.

But none of that seems to answer the question as to why a seasoned prosecutor with all the facts on her side would send such a malicious letter out for public consumption concerning a case that could have been handled with lesser charges and a lower profile.

The email says that if you have any questions contact That's Jakalyn Barnard, public relations for the State Attorney's office. The email lays out the Alexander case as if there will not be a trial. Instead it’s as if there will be a talent show at the new Court House in Jacksonville, Florida and the lawmakers who received this email will get to vote on freeing Ms. Alexander or sending her to prison for 20 years for firing a weapon into the ceiling.

Why would you do this?

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