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Starving, injured dog found abandoned, tied to pole in Schuylkill County

Blizzard, left tied to pole
Blizzard, left tied to pole

Calls from concerned residents led McAdoo police to an emaciated, injured pit bull left abandoned in sub-freezing temperatures Wednesday night in Schuylkill County.

Blizzard, left tied to pole

The dog was tied to a street sign pole for at least two hours. He was starving, squealing and wailing in pain, and partially frozen to the ground. reports that the dog was wearing a tan, gray, and green camouflage collar and was tied to a pole on South Kennedy Drive and Adams Street with a black leash. Local residents and businesses started a reward fund for info that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

After spending the night at the police station, the dog was taken to the Hillside SPCA for vet care, food, and warmth. According the SPCA's Facebook page, the vet's initial exam showed a BB in the dog's back. The dog, whom they are now calling Blizzard, will have a full exam and X-rays to check for internal BBs or injuries. He may also need an operation on his penis for possible frostbite.

“It’s obviously been starved so we want to get all the justice we can for this animal and it was left out in the cold as well, it was well below freezing last night it was about 8 degrees. Part of the dog was actually frozen to the sidewalk so it took a little to get the dog unfrozen by the sidewalk."
~Officer Tony Divigilio

McAdoo police are now searching for Blizzard's owner. They are asking anyone with information to call McAdoo PA Police at (570) 929-2590 (station) or (570) 668-6100 (non-emergency through the Schuylkill Co. Comm. Center).

If you would like to donate to Blizzard's veterinary care, you can do so here.

For information on adopting Blizzard, please contact the shelter directly at (570) 622-7769 or at their website.

Our thanks to the caring residents for getting involved and calling for help.


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