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Starved, filthy puppy who had been left for dead is rescued in Louisiana

In early November, a good Samaritan happened upon an abandoned puppy who, upon first glance, appeared to be dead.

Saving Mercy
Animal Aid for Vermilion Area
Mercy shortly after being found
Animal Aid for Vermilion Area

According to the rescue agency, Animal Aid for Vermilion Area (AAVA), the emaciated puppy, who was found in Abbeville, La., was nearly lifeless in the ditch where she was found, weighing half of what she should.

The man who discovered the distressed puppy was able to bundle her in a towel and transport her to AAVA where rescuers found her to be starved, dehydrated and badly injured on her stomach.

The 10-month-old puppy weighed a meager 15 pounds and it was clear that her short life had been painfully difficult.

The pup, dubbed "Mercy," started fresh through a foster home with AAVA - with good food, love and care, the pitiful pup began to thrive and today, she weighs a hearty 30 pounds and she has learned to play.

On Friday, AAVA updated their Facebook fans with the following information about Mercy:

She now loves to chew rawhide and tug on rope toys, and Mercy has become very active, playing whenever she gets the chance, especially with her new friends—human and dog alike.

Mercy stands as a testament to the kindness of strangers, the ability of people to band together to help animals who cannot necessarily help themselves, and the curative powers of a determined animal rescue such as AAVA.

They added:

Without the man who found Mercy beside the road, or the man’s friend who called AAVA, or the foster who helped nurse Mercy to health, none of Mercy’s restoration would have been possible, and she likely never would have made it out of the ditch she had struggled to hide within.

Not only has Mercy been blessed, but so too have all those people who have come together to aid in her fight for survival. Mercy will undoubtedly make a family happy when she is adopted, and in all likelihood, she will shower them with her affection and appreciation by way of innumerable dog kisses.

Live well sweet Mercy.

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