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Startup Montessori company offers unique materials exchange program

Bob and Lubna Reece, owners of Montessori Education Supplies
Bob and Lubna Reece, owners of Montessori Education Supplies
Montessori Education Supplies Inc.

Bob and Lubna Reece, the owners of the new materials company, Montessori Education Supplies, have only been in business since fall 2010, but they are already offering Montessori educators innovative new quality materials for purchase, a materials exchange program and free replacement and repair advice.

The Math Box is designed to keep skittles and beads from falling off the Multiplication and Division Boards
Montessori Education Supplies Inc.

Montessori Education Supplies, while a new company in the United States, has been years in the making. Inspired by a relative, a Montessori teacher, who would often take materials home for her husband to repaint and repair out of necessity, the company has grown from a Canadian based supplier that has now been passed through the family to Bob and Lubna. In the fall of 2010, in order to expand to service Montessori schools in the United States, the Reece’s set their priorities on providing excellent service, high-quality affordable materials and unique programs not offered by any other Montessori materials company.

Material exchange program

Montessori materials are beautiful, durable and well loved, however over time pieces break, parts get lost and paint chips off. Montessori Education Supplies has an innovative new materials exchange program that allows schools to return any Montessori teaching material to them (from any manufacturer) with the missing or damaged parts and receive a 20% credit based on their price of that product which can then be used toward the purchase of the same product or any other product in their catalog.

Ask Andy advice column

Did you ever wish there was a Dear Abby column for Montessori educators? Well, now all of your Montessori materials repair questions can be answered by Montessori Education Supplies very own Ask Andy column. This monthly feature on their website will provide answers on how Montessorians can either fix or inexpensively replace their missing or damaged parts. The first column resolves a common Montessori dilemma on how to successfully repaint knobless cylinders. Do you have a question for Andy? Click here.

The Math Box: An Innovative new handcrafted product

After years of repairing Montessori materials, the folks at Montessori Education Supplies know how to design for durability. Their first of what they hope to be many new items is called the Math Box. This product is a specially designed wooden box that keeps the skittles and beads from falling off the edge of the Division and Multiplication Boards. This product will be introduced and available for purchase at the American Montessori Society conference in Chicago from March 24-27.

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