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Startup Andrew Cuomo’s political ambitions

Andy got and spent his Sandy money, did you?
Andy got and spent his Sandy money, did you?
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

By now you have seen the latest of Andrew Cuomo’s attempt to fool people into starting businesses in New York called Start up New York. Considering it has run 2,352 national airings it would be hard to miss. (Startup NY) It is an offshoot of his 50 million dollar “New York Open for Business” that attracted no one. These commercials are funded by overbilling taxpayers for Energy Relief, Student Dormitories, Global Warming credits and Federal relief from Hurricane Sandy. Which is ironic since less than 1% of homeowners received aid to rebuild in NYC and couldn’t see the ads in their home. (Sandy one year later)

The Pig-in-a-poke ad explains that if you come to New York and move here, expand here or start a new business you will be exempt from taxes for 10 years. They show happy actors “working” in New York. Political ads don’t have to meet the same standards as there is no disclaimer “your results may vary”. Before you start collecting boxes and calling U-Haul please check the fine print. Your business must partner with a state University and locate near a campus. One hundred percent of your operation must be in the tax free zone to qualify no shell companies need apply. No retailers, wholesalers, medical providers, accounting firms, energy companies or law offices either. Whatever is left to sell must be purchased at the place of business since telephone sales and internet sales are also disqualifying. In fact there are fifty pages of regulations to follow to allow you business to qualify for the program.

At the same time Cuomo was announcing his ambitious, bold and innovative plan 2,845 miles away Governor Gerry Brown was announcing California’s Enterprise Zones a waste of 4.8 billion in lost revenue that could be used elsewhere. Cuomo’s own budget office estimates 323 million in lost revenue. Before embarking on this plan he should have asked his Daddy Mario about his success with enterprise zones for Wheatstone in Syracuse. Wheatstone moved out as soon as the taxes moved back in. Business owners might want to talk to Tony Hynes about his experience with Empire Zone tax credits and denial of $500,000 worth of tax credits. (lost incentives)

What is Cuomo’s point in a state so far in the red? (Debt Clock) If progressives like Cuomo want to retard the growth of anything they deem evil they agree with making it more expensive. Just see how they agree with high gas and cigarette prices. Since New York is has the highest tax burden in the nation according to the Tax Foundation (State Rankings) are Enterprise Zones and Startup New York an admission that the tax burden impedes growth?

The other question you always hear from liberals regarding lowering taxes is how are we going to pay for this? Or how will we pay for the 22 million dollar tax break the Tonight show received from Cuomo and they are not even a startup. The easy answer….. you, me, and everyone else not on the so special you don’t have to pay because you are more equal than ordinary tax payers.

So how do you feel contributing to Cuomo’s reelection fund so he can continue to be our governor? He is trying to be as coy as Hillary but he intendeds to run for president in 2016. That is why he is using our tax dollars to buy approval from NBC, special non-taxed business and the FSA (Free Shit Army) by making up the difference in food stamps since Obama doesn’t need their votes anymore. (Food Stamps)So when you look at your paycheck, do your state taxes don’t forget you are doing your part to startup NY Governor Cuomo’s’ ambition.

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