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Starting your own business? Consider using a virtual office

Are you planning to start your own business and also cut down your expenses in the initial stages? Or, do you want to test the turbulent waters first before leasing office space or arranging a mortgage for your own building? What kind of business do you want to start? Does it lend itself well to operate in a virtual kind of environment? Sometimes, the nature of your business may be such that your employees can work from their own homes and contribute a great deal to preserving the environment. Whatever be your reasons, a virtual office does offer some advantages.

Virtual Office – What Is It

Virtual offices provide communication as well as address services so that you are in a position to reduce costs associated with traditional offices, but at the same time enable you to maintain business professionalism. It should not be confused with executive suites or offices in business centers which require you to enter into a conventional lease agreement.

Technically speaking, you can have your office anywhere you want. You could have your office in your home, in the airport, in the car, on the beach, etc. Typically, you will set up your office in your home irrespective of whether you need to travel as part of your business or not. However, you may not want to use your home address as your business address because it may not create the right kind of impression in the minds of your client.

Virtual Office – What Services Are Provided

Although space utilization is the key aspect, a full application will include space and communication services as follows:

Virtual office space: A high profile address in a city/town of your choice comes to you at a much cheaper price compared to the cost of buying or renting space in such an address. Remote receptionist: High-tech Computer Telephone Integration software replaces the traditional receptionist.

Virtual assistant: The virtual assistant works from home and does not meet clients. Answering service/call centers: They receive and transmit queries over the telephone, bridging the gap between you and your clients. Business meeting space: Conference rooms and offices can be rented at short notice on hourly, daily or weekly basis for meetings.

On-site amenities offered by the service provider would also include broadband Internet, fax/copier/printer, video conferencing, conference calling, etc.

Virtual Office – What Are the Benefits

A virtual office enables you to blend home responsibilities and work so as to improve your efficiency in both. The expenses remain low, but it is your professionalism that helps you to project that you are operating from a traditional, high-cost office. You can reduce the environmental impact that your business causes as you and your employees don’t have to commute on a daily basis to the work place. Moreover, you will have the flexibility of matching expenses with fluctuations in revenues. Further, you will be able to manage a low-cost expansion without any long-term commitments. Finally, if you avail the services of the virtual office receptionist, you can eliminate the burden of maintaining records, processing payroll, providing for health care, insurance, etc.

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