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Starting the Day Off Right: Special Occasions

Ever sent out a Hogwarts letter?
Ever sent out a Hogwarts letter?
Emily L. Goodman

The great thing about homeschooling (or virtual schooling) your kids is that you’re right there, on hand, to celebrate all of the major holidays and other special days. Birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day…you can celebrate all of them with your kids however you want to. Take advantage of that! If they were in a brick and mortar school, more than likely their teacher would be celebrating each special occasion with a few little “extras” throughout the day. Writing assignments would be geared towards the holidays. Decorations would be everywhere. There might even be a party!

So who’s saying you can’t do that at home?

For your child’s birthday, you can make things extra special. Make their favorite breakfast, whether that’s pancakes (don’t forget the sprinkles!) or bacon and eggs. Decorate. Use balloons with abandon. You can even choose to make it a special holiday off, if you like.

And holidays? Oh, holidays. There are dozens of opportunities for special decorations, special meals, special activities. Want to do Elf on the Shelf (or some variation thereof) for the Christmas season? You can do it as “big” as you want, with the full knowledge that your children will have time to enjoy your efforts each morning instead of having to rush off to school. How about Valentine “mailboxes” that last the entire month of February? Or St. Patrick’s Day “pot of gold” treats? You have the freedom to make any day you want to make a special celebration.

Throwing in special days at random can be a lot of fun, too. Celebrate National Doughnut Day (the first Friday in June) with a trip out to your favorite doughnut store. Look at a calendar—there’s something special for almost every day of the year. Choose your favorite “holidays” and celebrate them to your heart’s content!

Mixing up your schedule will always bring a smile. Your kids will jump out of bed in the mornings never knowing what to expect, but always knowing that it will be fun.

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