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Starting the Day Off Right: Little Surprises

Hm...what's in the egg?
Hm...what's in the egg?
Emily L. Goodman

You already know that little things go a long way toward ensuring that your kids’ day is bright and enjoyable. A special treat here, a little break there, and somehow, the day is much brighter than it would have been otherwise. What about leaving little surprises for your kids first thing in the morning? You can make it a first-day-of-school tradition and build from there. You can build up to it for a while, leaving little things leading up to a bigger one. You can taunt them with a hidden treat and then expand it later. For example: check out the sideshow to see the owl that “hatched” out of an egg that was found waiting at the breakfast table one morning.

What are your kids interested in? What makes them excited? You can leave them any kind of treat: a book or a movie for them to enjoy later in the day; new art supplies; a bit of candy. Or, you can print something: bookmarks, coloring pages, little signs that they’ll enjoy.

Breakfast itself can also be the surprise. If you have a special treat up your sleeve, prepare it before the kids are up, and let them discover it when they come in. You can fix cinnamon rolls, pancakes, or anything that catches their fancy.

Do your children have a particular hobby—perhaps a book or movie that they really enjoy? Find recipes or pictures from that series. Do they enjoy playing a game? Leave it waiting at their place at the table.

These little treats and surprises will get your day off to an excellent start. It will put the kids in a good mood, put you in a good mood, and make everyone more eager to get through the day—especially if there’s a further reward waiting at the end.