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Starting solids: Fast and easy baby food dicer


When a little one gets hungry, it's time to eat!  They aren't exactly the most patient diners, so taking the time to chop up fresh fruits, veges, and snacks is not always in the cards. So I went on the hunt for a super easy way to cut up healthy foods into little baby bite size pieces and viola!  I came across the Kid Co Baby Steps Multi Slicer.

The Multi Slicer has two inserts:  one for 1cm x 1cm cubes and one for slicing apples so it slices the core out and makes slices at the same time.  It makes it easy and convenient to get your little new foodie to try new foods that are good for them.


  • Grandma Lynne 5 years ago

    What a great idea!! Anything like that littlke gadget will really help these new moms!! and grandmas too, for that matter!!

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