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Starting kindergarten: a big step

Starting kindeergarten is a big step in a child's life
Starting kindeergarten is a big step in a child's life
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The summer days are scooting by very quickly. It seems like summer just started, but the stores are displaying fall clothing, back-to-school supplies and backpacks! For the soon-to-be kindergarten student it seems like September will never come. For the parent of the soon-to-be kindergarten student, it seems like time is flying by a warp speed!

To help prepare for that momentous day, here are a few tips:

• When buying a backpack, make sure it fits comfortably. Buy one that is not too large for your child. And do not overload it so your child looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

• Mark shoes, coats, hats, etc with your child’s name or initials. Teachers cannot be expected to remember what 20 children’s coats, shoes, etc look like. And it might prevent your child’s belongings from ending up in the lost and found abyss.

• Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, not just for the first day of school, but every night. Tired kids have a hard time learning.

• Also make sure our child has a good breakfast every morning. Hungry children do not learn as well, either.

• Most schools have a visitation day or evening before school starts. It is helpful to go so your child can see where his or her classroom is and meet his or her teacher before that sometimes nerve-racking first day of school.

• Take first day of school photos to send to grandparents!

Kindergarten is the start of the journey in your child’s formal education. Keep in touch with the school if you have concerns. And let the school, teacher, principal know when you notice some good happenings in the classroom or at school. They usually hear far more complaints than compliments.

Enjoy this time in your child’s life. It is an exciting time for learning and development. It is truly amazing how much children learn when they start school. And in no time at all you will be getting ready for high school graduation day!

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