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Starting is easy...

Starting and stopping makes the rock heavier.
Starting and stopping makes the rock heavier.

You have made a preliminary choice to change your habits, exercise regularly, and eat better. You have started on the right path. However, for this new plan to work, you have to make a few more changes. There are four must-do exercises to keep you moving on the right path.

Define what fitness means to you. Be clear, focused, and realistic about your definition of fitness. Create your fitness goals from your definition.

Paint a mental picture of your fit and healthy life four weeks from the start of your program, and then through each quarter, year, and three years from now.

Create a strategy to achieve your goals. Avoid over-promising and under-delivering when it comes to making your fitness strategy. Think of a way to reward yourself at each milestone that reinforces the new life you are living.

Commit and prepare to not quit! Conquer the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that may hold you back.

Starting is easy. Motivation is high and is a driver. You have been here before. In order for the desired changes to stick you will need to prepare to be uncomfortable, confused and experience periods of work where results do not show - yet, you must keep going. This is the true way to success.

When you start and stop you simply make creating and maintaining successful changes that much more challenging. Time will pass anyway, you may as well use it for your progress, not your regret of promises unfulfilled.

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