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Starting a bodybuilding routine

Bodybuilding is about commitment, results, and having fun!
Bodybuilding is about commitment, results, and having fun!
Photo by Danielle Lindgren

Bodybuilding can be an intimidating hobby, but starting out the right way will spell success for even first timers. The exercise routine one should undergo is directly effected by the body that one hopes to achieve. The recipe to achieving a lithe, slender physique is highly distinguished from one aimed for attaining a hulking, Olympian body.

Start with simple planning- Set aside a daily or weekly allotment of time that can be dedicated to exercise. If one is only beginning, it is fair to begin slowly. Having the discipline to stick to the simple workouts in the beginning stages is key to later success. The workouts that a person plans to regularly undergo can be easy and mild in the beginning. This will not only acclimate ones body to exercise and prevent injury, but will build confidence for future workouts.

If losing weight is the objective, one should incorporate more cardio than weightlifting, as the latter builds muscle weight. On the other hand, if its Herculean proportions that are needed, power-lifting involving the major muscle groups should dominate the agenda. Picturing the body that is desired will help in constructing an exercise agenda.

For a more defined, lean physique

  • Jogging- Begin slow and easy. Go with friends and enjoy yourself as you improve your cardio and endurance!
  • Jumping rope- Three times as effective as jogging, and requires less preparation!
  • Weight training- When lifting weights, use less weight and do more repetitions. This will build muscle tone, without adding on much muscle mass.

For a larger, beefy build

  • Lift heavy- Unlike those trying for smaller builds, those aspiring to greater muscular size should use heavier weights when lifting and worry less about repetitions.
  • Target major muscles- Biceps, pectorals, quadriceps, and the larger shoulder and back muscles should be worked out the most. These muscles will grow the most and contribute more to ones sizable image.
  • Increase weight- As one strengthens, the dumbbell/barbell weight used in the regimen should increase so as to maximize muscle growth.

Stick with it. There is no secret to bodybuilding. Perseverance with an exercise routine that grows and changes to challenge the participant will inevitably result in success. So plan, stick with it, and have fun!

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  • Steven 5 years ago

    Thanks for the wise tips!!! Helps me figure out a better workout structure myself.

  • Joe 5 years ago

    Good tips. I appreciate the fact you think it's wise to mix cardio in too. Not too many people realize how important that is. Thanks.

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