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StartFast Venture Accelerator Week 2

Companies at the Accelerator
Companies at the Accelerator

The second week at the StartFast Venture Accelerator was better than the first now that everyone here has gotten their bearings. One company pivoted to a whole new concept, another reached 10,000 users, others formed relationships with local business owners, and the volunteers & interns really whipped out some fabulous results for the companies here. Mentors from across the region visited the companies each day for more feedback, suggestions, advice, and potential partnerships. Overall it was a productive week, and the morale among the startups is positive, akin to a familial atmosphere. Everyone is gearing up for investor pitches, presentations, and gaining valuable data that they can leverage when courting their new funding source. We are looking forward to the next 8 weeks of “Syracuse Valley”!

Instamour at StartFast Venture Accelerator

If you are curious what it's like to be in a tech accelerator, it's fast paced, intense, long hours, productive, exciting, challenging, and very rewarding! There was recently a great article written about how the Rate-of-learning is the most valuable startup compensation. I personally agree with what this article talks about. We are all learning a ton more here than we have in any job ever. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a change of career, look into your local tech startups (or any kind of startup), and try it for a few months to see what you think!