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Starter Spanish - Finca Resalso 2007 from Emilio Moro


Spanish wines are still some of the most undiscovered for the sheer spectrum of flavors they can provide.

The two most famous wine-exporting regions of Spain are Rioja and Ribera del Duero. They export wines which are highly acclaimed, widely available, and priced to match the demand--especially Ribera del Duero. Virtually unknown in the 1980s, it sprang to international attention as the modern marvel of Spain. This land has an extreme continental climate--very dry summers and hard winters--and produces world-famous Tempranillo, or Tinto Fino as they call it, thanks in part to famous winemakers such as Vega Sicilia and Emilio Moro. 

Emilio Moro is a family-run winery dating back many years. They produce some of the purest, finest expressions of the Tinto Fino grape--with corresponding price tags for their efforts. However, here is a wild card worth tasting, as it's only about $15/bottle - Finca Resalso 2007.

Finca Resalso is the name of the first vineyard planted in 1932, the same year that Emilio Moro was born.

Made from 100% Tinto Fino, this is an teaser wine of the collection. It's made to be drunk young. It spends about 4 months in French oak (producing less aggressive woody flavors than American oak) and comes from 5 to 15 year old vines. And it's a treat for the price.

It could almost pass for a California style wine in its full-bodied texture, bold flavors, and paying homage to the grape. It has all the tannins and restraint of a young wine, but shocks with flavors of tart berries, chocolate, and ripe fruit--minus the heat of too much alcohol that usually characterizes wines like this. Alcohol on this is on a highter side, 14.5%, but it doesn't jump out or overpower.

This makes for a good partner to spicy poultry protein - buffalo wings, etc. Friendly on the palate and friendly on your wallet.