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Start your new year off with a mat with pizazz

Get a yoga mat with pizazz from Grey Area
Get a yoga mat with pizazz from Grey Area
Courtesy Grey Area

It’s time...time to get rid of that same old plain yoga mat you’ve had for the last decade or so and start the new year with a mat with pizazz from Grey Area. Their artist-inspired mats, released earlier this month at Art Basel Miami Beach (one of the most happening contemporary art festivals around) will take you to the opposite end of the spectrum of yoga mat design.

There are seven different mats in the line, each inspired by a different artist, with artwork ranging from serene to outrageous. One bears the incongruous image of a hundred dollar bill topped with a razor blade and lines of cocaine while another teases the yogi with a cat arching into upward facing dog.

Each piece of art is inspired by sahasrara, the crown chakra. (When fully activated sahasrara is the highest experience of human evolution.) The underside of the eco-friendly PVC mats is purple, the color that represents the crown chakra.

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