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Start your journey to being smoke free

Quit smoking by natural products
Quit smoking by natural products
Quit smoking by natural products

Smoking has become a trend among people of all ages. Children under legal smoking age also take it up as part of friend group or following their parents’ footstep. What develops as a fad and more out of peer pressure than a conscious individual choice soon becomes an addiction which draws one closer to serious chronic illness. The addiction with every passing day also gets harder to get rid of. Unaware of the deadly effect of nicotine and tobacco on one’s health people become a chain smoker. This finally results in several severe lungs and respiratory disorders.

Many government affiliated health organisations have worked together to rid smokers of this habit. But except failure or a very little success they have not been able to carry out their campaign. This article is solely centred on a new way of smoking that has been introduced as an over the counter alternative. The complete nicotine free smoking sticks well known as e-liquid or e-cigarette has become quite popular in recent times.

E-liquid is what is used in these electronic cigarette sticks that are the new trend widely spreading among the young people. It is a battery powered heating el ement that gradually vaporizes the liquid solution present within the stick. These are mainly made up of nicotine and other flavoured article or mostly without nicotine and just with flavoured essences. This releases a flavoured vapour with essence but no nicotine, thus being less injurious to health. This means both the health of smokers as well as those who would have inhaled the vapours passively. Some of these are akin to a cigarette or cigar from in its appearances while others may wholly differ.

Shisha pens on the other hand are completely nicotine free and are wholly made up of non-toxic organic compound. These are comparatively safer than the ordinary cigarette pens. These have a lesser health risk and are safe enough to be used among youths and adults. These pens are generally made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, besides water and whatever flavouring maybe used for a particular kind. This essentially means fruit flavouring substances mainly composed of herbs. Vegetable glycerine is generally noted to be health friendly resulting in less damage to the organs. These shisha pens do not contain any toxic compounds such as carbon monoxide, heavy metals (arsenic and lead) and other cancer-causing chemicals which are very common in real traditional cigars. A wide range of flavours are introduced in these pens.

There are mainly all kinds of fruits and other flavours loved by the people and youths. The main liked flavours such as cola, raspberry, mint, chocolate, pineapple-mango, orange, watermelon, kiwi, apple, almond, green apple, apricot, caramel mocha, caramel, banana mint, grapes, Irish cream, mojito, brandy, bubblegum, cappuccino, campaign, cherry, cinnamon, cigar, pineapple-coconut-rum, passion fruit, rum, toffee, mint chocolate, liquorice, melon, hazelnut, energy drink and many more are widely available. These flavours help increase its likes among people as the normal traditional shishas do not contain any such variety of flavours.

There are around 70 different flavours among which contain fruits, drinks, double combo and triple combinations of different flavours. Hookah pens are also gaining its fame apart from the flavoured shishas. These pens, e-hookah, hookah sticks refers to the new genre of hookahs. These pens are widely available in different flavours. Where the traditional hookahs were famous among people of many provinces the hookah pens have become popular as well.

The Shisha sticks are nicotine free and are less toxic than the traditional ones and are if not completely, still in many ways less injurious to health than the one made of high tobacco and nicotine. The later means exhaling out poison both for the one not smoking and for the one inhaling it. The former is a brave new alternative.