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Start Your Family Tree Week is December 26 to January 1

A fanciful family tree
Image courtesy of Deb Spradlin

Each year about this time we, as genealogy and family history researchers and bloggers tend to want to remind our readers that holidays are great times to talk about family history and gather memories, especially from older members of the family.

This year, the FindMyPast web sites, around the globe, are encouraging recognition of "Start Your Family Tree Week" from December 23 to January 1 in order to bring awareness to this important topic for each of us.

I am not necessarily endorsing FindMyPast, here, but I do encourage you to think about the process they are encouraging with this campaign. Knowing and understanding our family history, getting in touch with our own past and our extended family members, has many benefits. These extend from a better understanding of hereditary medical issues to just better understanding that some of the traits we see in those around us are, and have been, passed down through the generations in a family.

If you are reading this, you've likely already started, but, this is also a reminder to extend your reach - find some new cousins - research a line you have neglected. In a way, I've been doing that, already, this week. My family has been contacted by a cousin we had not met previously. Talking about this relationship reminded me to review a bunch of old black and white family gathering photos from the 1940s that I hadn't looked at in years. Besides those neat memories, in the process, I discovered a photo of my "home farm house" in Iowa, from a viewpoint that I do not recall ever seeing before. Have you noticed how much more you know look at backgrounds than perhaps you did in the past. I do - and I am very happy that I do. What fun!

Have a great holiday season - hopefully with your extended family! ;-)

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