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Start your day in a positively awesome way

Do you start each day with joyful anticipation or with a sense of dread? Get out of bed on the right side today and start your day in a positively awesome way.

Start your day early enough to catch the sunrise and find beauty around you all day
Sandy Wallace

Your outlook on life affects everything. Being optimistic about the future and surrounding yourself with positive people will help you begin each day with joyful anticipation.

Many of us begin the morning checking news, weather or sports. Other check updates on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

Adding positive and motivational feeds to your social media or your morning reading list will help you start your day in a more positive way.

Here are some resources to help you begin your journey to being a positively awesome person.

Start the day with God's word. Use your own Bible or find a Bible verse of the day at to begin your day in prayerful reflection.

Add positive feeds to your social media. Three of my favorites on Twitter are American Revival @GodReviveUSA, Rock Christopher @RockChristopher and Bruce Van Horn @BruceVH.

Live your faith by following inspirational people and groups on Facebook too. Type the words "positive" or "inspirational" into the Facebook search tool and many choices will appear.

Some of my favorite inspirational Facebook rock stars are Pope Francis, Father Robert Barron, Nick Vujicic and Max Lucado. Follow the inspirational people or groups that work for you.

Choose a daily devotion book instead of social media feeds. A coworker gave me a book titled, "My Daily Journey with God" which I read each day. You'll find a big selection of positive, inspiring quote a day books at your local bookstore, grocery store or pharmacy.

Positive parenting is easier to do if you begin your day with positive inspiration. Get up early enough to look out the window and catch the sunrise, listen to the birds chirping or walk through your garden.

Allow a little extra time for yourself each day and you'll see a difference in your parenting. Wake your kids up with a little extra time to spare and enjoy a family breakfast at least once a week instead of rushing out the door with toast, cereal or Pop-Tarts.

When you arrive at work or school, seek out the positive people and try to avoid those who put a negative spin on everything. There's good everywhere, but sometimes you have to seek it out.

Be an inspiration to those around you. Encourage your spouse, children, family members, coworkers and friends by rejoicing with them about their triumphs instead dwelling on their failings.

Start each day in a positive way and do your best to make each day the most awesome day it can be. Be encouraging instead of discouraging in your dealings with family and friends and you'll help them see the positive in life too.

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