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Start your compost to be ready for spring planting

Although it is still winter here in northern Alabama, it is time to start thinking about your spring garden. Compost is a very important part of organic growing and creates a useful product from waste that would have gone into a landfill. You will benefit your soil by improving drainage, moisture absorption and providing nutrients essential to healthy plant growth.

You can add any organic material to your compost, along with your yard trimmings.
• Compost-enriched soils retain fertilizers longer.
• Compost releases nutrients slowly.
• Compost neutralizes the soil and helps maintain a healthy pH.
• Makes soil less likely to erode.
• Compost can suppress diseases and pests in poor soil.
• Compost encourages healthy root systems.

You can just pile up your compost, depending on where you live; however, a structure of some kind will help keep the compost together. This can be made of wire, wood or cement blocks. Either way, the compost must be turned on a regular basis. When the bad smell is gone and the compost is dark, it is ready to use in your garden.


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