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Start-up Fair Mechanics is always at your service

Fair Mechanics allows local automobile repair shops to bid on your job
Fair Mechanics allows local automobile repair shops to bid on your job
Toni S. Williams

We have all been there. The "check engine" light comes on and we have absolutely no idea. What do we do next? Do we drive to the dealer, the local lube shop, or turn the radio up louder? The brains at Fair Mechanics have a better idea.

You simply go to the website and input as much data about your car as you know. Basically, if you can read the VIN from the driver's side front window, Fair Mechanics can do the rest. Input the VIN, and an idea of what might be wrong with your car. Local car repair shops will then bid on the job. You pick the repair shop and go get your car fixed.

I met with Leo Knight of Entrepreneurs of Knoxville and a couple of the other brains behind this tech start up to find out more about it. Could getting car repair work become less stressful? Leo and the guys think it could. Leo says that big box auto stores like N.A.P.A, Advanced Auto Parts and Autozone are very interested in forming strategic partnerships with Fair Mechanics. Original equipment manufacturers and auto parts stores have a vested interest in making sure consumers get the right parts and the right repairs at a fair price.

Checking out the Fair Mechanics website, it is obvious that the tech guys behind the website have done a superb job of getting local mechanics on board. Fair Mechanics website also has a blog that will help you pick a Roadside Assistance Plan, Pet Proof your car, and fill your glove compartment properly.

Now that they have figured out how to get the website ready, the mechanics on board and the cost structure solid, the next steps are scalability and regional roll outs. Leo is confident that this huge idea is ready for the world. Germany has already called.