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Start training for the Hoppin Mad Mud Run

Just the way I like it
Just the way I like it

Nothing gives an adrenaline junkie the chills like the promise of getting a little dirty. The Hoppin Mad Mud Run in Amesbury MA delivers on all your dirty dreams, literally.

"The hoppin Mad Mud Run is a challenging 10K on road and off road run with hills, tire obstacles, 5 foot walls, hay bails, and the final mud pit. This is the craziest and muddiest race this side of the Mason Dixon Line!" Boasts their website.

Race individually, or talk 4 of your friends into getting grimy with you. There is plenty of time for you to use your powers of persuasion, and great time to train.

Runners World has an excellent free trainer on their website which lets you input your running habits and it will formulate a perfect training strategy for you.

You'll find me there May 16th, from behind of course as you eat my dust.