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Start the new year with old school drinks in Des Moines

'Let old acquaintance be forgot' -but don't forget their cocktails! The Drink of the Month for January is 'vintage cocktails'. 

A tried and true classic vintage cocktail is the Old Fashioned: mix blended whisky with 1 sugar cube, a dash of bitters, a slice of lemon, a cherry and a slice of orange. Looks pretty fruity but don't be fooled- it'll put hair on your chest. 

Some bars will cut corners when mixing vintage cocktails like an old fashioned, but one bar that does it right- Gino's Restaurant on 6th avenue. Not only can you get an amazing aged fillet mignon, but the bartenders here really know what they're doing since they've mixed the same vintage cocktails for the last 40 years. Their extensive bar has all the obscure ingredients needed to do these drinks right. 

They could probably stir up a Side Car for you as well. Mix a large shot of brandy or cognac with a smaller shot of triple sec and a splash of either lemon or lime juice into a sugar-rimmed glass. It's quite a bit sweeter than an old fashioned, but if you fellas ever need to order a drink for your lady -hint hint- this is a tasty one that packs a punch. She'll be so impressed with your knowledge of old fashioned drinks maybe she'll look past that comment you made about her mother.